The Effects Of A Negative Mindset And How To Deal With It

A negative mindset is one of the most dangerous things someone can have. Constant negative thoughts do not allow an individual to build confidence, resiliency, and positive self-esteem. The brain is the most powerful tool that we have, therefore, holding the power of turning thought into reality. The negative mindset will distract from realism and it is often directly connected with the perfectionist mentality.

How can you challenge a negative mindset?

When an individual has a negative mindset, I always urge them to take a step back and analyze the thoughts. I urge my clients to ask “What evidence do I have to support this thought ?” , ” Is this thought realistic or am I being reactive? ” These are two very important questions when challenging negative thought.

How can we adopt a more positive mindset?

Individuals first need to learn what differentiates a negative thought from a positive one. When working with a client who constantly has negative thoughts, I encourage the change of their self-talk. I ask my clients to consider two single rules when producing and accepting a negative thought : 
Would I say this to someone I love? 
Would I like it if someone were to speak to me in this way? 
If the answers to these questions are both no, then the thought needs to be reframed. 
Here is an example of how to re-frame a negative thought!
Negative thought: I am not good enough to work here/or be on this team
Positive thought (reframed): I was hired/chosen for a reason, they believed in me because I am good enough and because of that I am meant to be here!