Mental Performance Consulting

Mental Performance Consulting is the practice of using knowledge and skills in order to optimize performance and mental and emotional well-being of an athlete. Mental Performance Consulting uses this expertise to guide athletes towards mental wellness, help them reach their goals, or aid them in dealing with what they consider their athletic failures.

Mental Performance Consulting looks at the developmental and social aspects of sport participation, and systematic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. In this way, Mental Performance Consulting and Mental Performance Consultants can unpack issues within the athlete that can potentially affect their performance and overall satisfaction.

At Mindset First, our certified Mental Performance Consultant helps athletes, teams and coaches unlock their full potential and help them overcome barriers.

Contact Mindset First and talk to our certified Mental Performance Consultant in Vaughan to know more about ways and techniques to overcome your obstacles and achieve success.

We offer both in-person and virtual appointments for those who are not located near our office or are even overseas.

Individual Athletes

  • Each session will be 50 minutes in length. With each meeting the athlete will learn specific skills, mental tools, and strategies in order to optimize performance and break through mental boundaries!
  • Our Mental Performance Consultants put the well-being of the athlete first. Without overall life satisfaction, enjoyment of daily routine, and internally developed drive and motivation the athlete will struggle with reaching their peak performance. A happy athlete is a confident athlete!
  • At the end of every session the athlete will be given a variety of exercises or tools to be implemented as agreed upon within the session.
  • All follow up documents or worksheets will be shared via email

One-off or package sessions available

Team/Group Sessions

  • Team and Group sessions will follow a seminar or workshop based format
  • A preliminary meeting with coaches or club directors will take place to formulate a specific direction and plan for the workshop
  • Our Mental Performance Consultants explore a variety of topics ranging from confidence building, performing under pressure, dealing with failure, bouncing back from mistakes, and much more.
  • Through discussion, engagement, and active participation, the athletes will learn and develop a series of strategies to better optimize performance and increase confidence and consistency

One-off or package sessions available


  • Learning to effectively coach and/or parent an athlete is never easy! Through many strategies and educational elements provided by our Mental Performance Consultants, we will help you get the best out of your athletes!
  • Our Mental Performance Consultants focus on elements such as communication, receiving and delivering feedback, effective goal setting, establishing expectations, and much more!
  • Our goal is to help develop a strong and performant relationship between the athlete and the coach or parent. 

One-off or package sessions available

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!