Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy provides guidance, support, and awareness within relationships. Maintaining a strong bond between two individuals, especially in the midst of every day stressors can often be challenging. Our goal is to assist you in strengthening your connection and resolving challenges so that your relationship can continue to add joy and excitement in your lives.

Whether it is a new or long-term relationship, many couples seeking counselling do so because of ongoing arguments, dissatisfaction, loneliness, communication issues, and more. It can often be difficult to change well-established patterns of thoughts and behaviours after shaping them for some time. However, our therapists can assist you and your partner in doing so! This process can help both partners better understand conflicting practices and patterns, while assisting you to avoid or handle these complications in the future.

At Mindset First, we understand that relationships are complex. However, we also believe that healthy relationships can bring a great deal of joy to our lives and can assist us in blossoming into the best version of ourselves. Our therapists will guide both you and your partner in sharing your sides of the story. After consideration, they can further help you identify what is causing complications and how to successfully work together moving forward.

You and your partner may benefit from couples counselling if you are:

  • Feeling as though you are walking on eggshells
  • Easily defensive
  • Not agreeing on parenting styles or techniques
  • Uncomfortable or unable to communicate with your partner
  • Making unfair comparisons, assumptions, or expectations
  • Looking to enhance your relationship
  • Feeling or noticing jealous or controlling feelings, thoughts, and behaviours
  • Having difficulty managing extended family relationships
  • Unable to compromise or understand your partner’s needs and wants

Couples therapy can help you do the following:

  • Feel more satisfied in your relationship
  • Find lasting solutions to challenges that arise
  • Increase intimacy and romance
  • Accept and support one another both emotionally and physically
  • Communicate in a more effective way that promotes compromise and healing
  • And more

Research shows that couples often wait up to 6 years before seeking professional help. Couples are struggling far too long before proactively seeking support, often leading to resentment, ager, guilt, loneliness and a myriad of other negative feelings. We urge you to get the support you need to create and re-establish a strong, unifying, and gratifying relationship!