How Counselors Can Help With Trauma

People who experience a traumatic event often seek help to find relief as soon as possible. In cases of physical trauma such as motor disability after a car accident, it is clear that the solution to this problem will be found by visiting a doctor in a hospital. However, when psychological trauma is experienced, many people have doubts about whether they should seek help, how to seek it and where to find it.

Psychological trauma can affect both the mind and the body, and it occurs when we experience a very terrifying event that scars us.

These types of events make people feel fearful or in danger even after the traumatic event has passed. Among the examples of events that can cause trauma, we can mention the death of a relative, a divorce, a fire, or a kidnapping. Trauma can also occur when one person is abused by another, physically, mentally or emotionally.

We must bear in mind that it is not the event itself that determines whether the person will suffer psychological trauma or not. This depends mainly on the experience lived by the person and their personal characteristics. This explains why a person can be quite traumatized by a particular event, while other people consider it a minor problem that they overcome quickly and do not cause them any alteration in their emotional state.

People who suffer trauma may have trouble dealing with certain events or situations for the rest of their lives. Trauma can change people’s behavior, how they relate to other people and the way they react to daily events. People who suffer from trauma may even have physical health problems. The good news is that people can recover from trauma if they receive adequate counseling and psychotherapy that allows them to talk about what happened and take control of their emotions.

At Mindset First, we provide counseling to individuals, couples, families, and children, which allows finding a solution to a wide variety of problems. Our specialists implement a wide variety of methods including cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral dialectic therapy, solution-centered therapy, and many more. Our goal is to provide a safe place for customers to address symptoms, behaviors or thoughts that can limit success and daily functioning.

So, don’t become a victim of trauma. Seek help immediately. At Mindset First, we have the best counselors to help you or the ones you care about the most. Email us at to book an appointment here in Vaughan or call us on 905 660 9284. Remember you are not alone.

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