Changing the narrative

As human beings our natural inclination is to create certain narratives or situations in our mind which often match the way we feel. If this is something that has happened to you, good news… you are not alone! 

At one point or another we have all experienced nervousness or anxiety whether it was prior to competition or during high stress moments while competing. ⁣

Many of us will allow for the nerves to take over and change our ability to perform and compete. ⁣

However, there is a much better way of doing things! We must first begin by understanding that NERVOUSNESS just like EXCITEMENT are two high arousal states. ⁣A lot of the time both of these states produce similar bodily reactions. The only difference is, we have already created associations between certain things. ⁣

Due to previous experiences and what majority of young athletes are taught, an association between feeling |”nervous” or “anxious”  and a negative outcome has been developed. Although this experience can often  be challenging  to handle, we can in fact we can reduce the intensity of the feeling by simply changing what we tell ourselves.⁣

The next time you feel nervous or feel like the pressure is mounting, remind yourself that pressure is a privilege and an opportunity and that you are in fact NOT nervous, but in fact you are EXCITED! ⁣

This will lead to better focus, happier moods, higher energy, and an overall better performance without the heaviness on your chest, overwhelming thoughts, and negative self talk! 

Changing the way in which we perceive what we feel will not be easy. However,  it is highly achievable for anyone. Changing our mentality and our perception is entirely in our control, and therefore it allows for us to choose the speed and direction of the change. Our mindset and perception is one of the main elements which stand in between our present moment and our biggest achievements. 

Change the narrative and the results will slowly begin to change as well!