Why Athletes Need Sports Psychology

Are you an athlete? Have you ever felt nervous, wired, tight, or sick right before a big game? Do you ever watch your teammates and compare yourself to them negatively or positively? Does losing a game feel like a personal blow to your self-esteem and skill? Many athletes feel these kinds of emotions during their career at one point or another. In a career that relies on personal skills and achievements, it is difficult not to feel this way. Unfortunately, when these thoughts begin to fester in the minds of athletes, it is hard to separate healthy ones from damaging ones, ones that stimulate growth and ones that are self-destructive.

That’s where sports psychologists come in. Just like how a sports coach trains an athlete’s body and physical abilities, sports psychologists train an athlete’s mind and emotional stability. Sports psychology is an important part of any athlete’s athletic journey/ career as they can bring about many of the following benefits:

Enhance Performance

When athletes are stressed or overwhelmed, they encounter obstacles that prohibit them from reaching their full potential. Sports psychologists counteract this by doing exercises such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation techniques, and healthy thinking practices.

Cope With Pressure

Athletic journeys come with many different components: training, practicing, exercising, and eventually games and competitions. Sports psychologists help athletes deal. With the pressure of games and competitions (that is instilled by coaches, teammates, or even themselves) by managing and rerouting thoughts into healthy and productive avenues rather than self-deprecating ones.

Enjoy The Sport

When the pressure of performing well in a sport becomes too much, it is common for athletes to begin losing passion. By working with athletes with a specific treatment plan, sports psychologists can help athletes regain the enjoyment they have for the sport they play.

Keeping the mind healthy is just as important as keeping the body healthy because, without a healthy mind, the body cannot function as well. Mindset First is equipped with certified and qualified sports psychologists to help athletes all over the Greater Toronto Area achieve their fullest potential. If you are looking for sports psychology or counseling services to help you perform better, contact us at Mindset First. Contact us today at 905.660.9284 to book an appointment.

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