Exploring Fixed VS Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset restrains an individual from growth and development. Someone who has a fixed mindset oftentimes looks like a failure as the limit to their abilities, they see things as black and white ( I am either good or not), they give up when frustrated, and see their potential as something that has been predetermined. Individuals with a fixed mindset oftentimes do not like challenges and will not put themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Evidently, individuals who have a fixed mindset have reduced levels of learning, growth, development, stability, confidence, and opportunity.

How can one adopt a growth mindset instead?

Adopting a growth mindset begins with a change in perspective. Individuals need to understand that mistakes and failures happen as they are part of our everyday life. Therefore, the first step is seeing failures and mistakes as opportunities for learning. Additionally, individuals must look to take on challenges and uncomfortable situations as this is a perfect opportunity for growth and betterment. Lastly, individuals must also look to welcome feedback as it is one of the most important methods of learning, as it provides a perspective and an angle that we may never be able to see or notice.Embrace growth and development and understand that you have the power, ability, and skill set to achieving anything you set your mind to. Setbacks are stepping stones for success!

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