5 Team Building Exercises For Your Team

Are you experiencing tension in your team? Regardless of the type of team that you lead, it is inevitable to run into problems, stressors, and other factors in your team that cause tension and a sense of division. When this happens, it is beneficial to take your team through a series of team-building exercises in order to unite your members.

When working in a team, it is important for everyone to understand that they are all vital and appreciated parts of a bigger machine. The following team-building exercises will ignite a fire of trust, connectivity, communication, and cooperation in your team.

Back To Back Drawing

Break up your team into smaller teams of 2 and have them sit back to back. Give one member of the team a piece of paper and something to draw with and give the other member a simple line work image (such as a tree, the sun, a dog, etc). Have the person with the image instruct the other on how/ what to draw without saying what the image is. The person with the utensils must rely on the guidance of the other person and their own listening and interpretation skills in order to get their drawings to match the other’s image as closely as possible.

Team Trivia

This team-building exercise is particularly easy and maybe the most fun. Create a list of trivia questions about your team and the activities that you do that you can quiz your team on. This will allow your team to reminisce over fun or challenging experiences and strengthen their bond. If you want to add an element of competition, split your team into two and have the team compete to come up with the correct answer first. The winning team gets a prize.

Community Service

Taking your team out to a volunteering or community service event can greatly strengthen your team’s bond. Your team will be able to communicate in a closed environment and bond over the action of doing something positive within your community.

Salt and Pepper

This team-building exercise will really get your team to communicate and think! Gather a list of popular pairing such as salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, Mario and Luigi, etc. Write one half of the pairing on a piece of paper and tape it on a member of your team’s back. Have your team mingle in order to find out what their paper says. Once they’re done, have them try to find the other half of their pairing. The twist is that any questions asked can only be met with yes or no answers!


This exercise will allow your team to understand and listen to the experiences of other team members and therefore create bonds with them. Write down topics such as “my first day”, “biggest accomplishment”, “hardest day”, “funniest moment”, etc. on separate pieces of paper. Have each member of your team pick one topic and have them tell a story that is inspired by it. Give everyone ample time to tell their own story, but also be sure to allow people to interject with questions, anecdotes, and jokes along the way!

Sharing in group experiences leads to a stronger, happier, and functional team. If you and your team are struggling with a lack of motivation, teamwork, and communication, a mental performance consultant can help you and your team realize your potential and strengthen your team bond in order for you to reach your goals. Book an appointment with a mental performance consultant today by calling Mindset First at 905.660.9284.

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