5 Signs You Should Seek Counselling

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. You are bound to face stress, sadness, grief and conflict just as much as you are to face happiness, joy, elation, and serenity. When the times begin to feel a bit heavier though, life can start becoming a bit confusing to navigate.

You’re not alone! Many people go through moments where they feel like their life is too “messy” or “scary” to figure out on their own. That’s where counselling comes in. Here are 5 signs that you should seek out counselling to help you through the low times in life.

Uncontrollable Sadness, Anger or Hopelessness

Feeling uncontrollably sad, angry or hopeless is something that can improve with consistent and well provided treatment. Feelings such as these are very powerful, especially to those with vulnerable mental states, which is why you should seek help immediately if you feel this way.

Feeling Disconnected

If you start to lose passion for the things you were once absolutely head over heels about, this is generally a sign of a deteriorating mental state. Again, this feeling isn’t permanent and there is always a light on the other side. Be mindful of your feelings towards the things you used to enjoy and if you continue to feel less and less of a spark, call a professional.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can quickly turn into something far more dangerous. Catch the issue before it becomes something that is potentially life threatening. If you are abusing drugs, alcohol, sex or even food, speak to a professional.

Your Friends Have Voiced Their Concern

Sometimes, a voice from the outside is the one that has the most clarity on a situation. If a friend has told you that you are consistently not “acting like yourself” or continue to check in on you because they are worried, this is a good sign that something might be wrong on a deeper level and that you should seek professional Counselling help.

You’ve Experienced a Traumatic Event

Death, accidents, breakups, job loss, and more can be described as a traumatic event. If something major has happened in your life recently and you have found your attitude completely shifting after it, it may be time to speak to someone and unburden yourself from the trauma.

Seeking out counselling is a healthy thing to do. It does not make you lesser or weaker than anyone else — it simply means that you are prioritizing your mental health. Understanding when you need some extra help is the first step to great mental health upkeep.

If you need Counselling services, visit Mindset First today. Call us at 905.660.9284 to book an appointment with our Counsellor and don’t forget to ask about our Break The Worry Trance program that specializes in anxiety and worry management.

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