Massage Therapy From Around The World

Massage Therapy From Around The World

The technique of massage therapy dates back thousands of years. Chinese and Egyptian civilizations were actually the first to record the practice of massage and the first to use it for its alternative medicine/ therapeutic benefits. Hundreds of years later, other civilizations and cultures started adopting these methods, adapted and changed it to suit them, and eventually started new methods of massage. Today, there are massage therapists/ practitioners all around the world that practice these various types of massage in order to relieve pain, decrease stress levels, or induce relaxation, including us at Mindset First.

The first known record of massage therapy came from China. People who practiced Chinese alternative medicine created a book called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” which included instructions on how to perform massage techniques such as the Chinese massage styles of Tui Namassage, Hot Stone Massage, Dian Xue(acupressure), and Qi massage. Each of these styles of massage therapy is beneficial for increasing energy levels, encouraging soft tissue injury recovery, boosting circulation, support mental health, and more.

200 years later, Egyptian tomb paintings showed that massage therapy was a large part of Egyptian medical practice. Egyptians are widely regarded as the “pioneers of reflexology” and created the styles of massage called Pharaonic massage and Energy Healing Colour Massage. Pharaohs and people of high standing would receive these messages with the intention of clearing energy pathways and correcting energy imbalances throughout the body. Egyptian practice of massage therapy usually includes essential oils and heavy fragrances that were considered healing and beneficial to the body. Their practice of massage and reflexology eventually influenced Greek and Roman culture and medicinal practices.

Many years after the Egyptians, India began recording their massage therapy techniques and outlining the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. This holistic form of medical practice included “healing touch” or “Abhyanga” specifically for certain parts of the body such as ShiroAbhyanga (head massage), Pad Abhyanga (foot massage), Marma Massage (pressure point massage), and more.

The western world only began their foray into massage therapy in the early 1800s when the Swedish doctor Per Henril Ling developed the “Swedish Movement System”. This movement system became the foundation for what is now known as the Swedish Massage, for which Johan Georg Mezger (a Dutchman) defined the hand strokes. Swedish Massage is now one of the most popular and common types of massages in the western world.

As the world of alternative medicine progresses, new styles of massage therapy get invented and old ones become learned and perfected. Now, massage therapy is one of the most common forms of alternative medicine practiced today, accessible everywhere in spas, gyms, and wellness centers all over the world. At Mindset First, we offer different types of massages with origins from all around the world. We can help you experience the massage therapy and wellness cultures from all around the world in the comfort and convenience of our location in Vaughan.

Massage therapy can help everyone. Whether you are experiencing stress from work or school, struggling to deal with chronic pains, or simply want to relax, call us today at 905.660.9284 to book a massage therapy appointment. Experience massage from around the world while also benefiting your body and overall health.

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