How Passive Stretching Can Help You

Benefits of Passive Stretching

The general advantages of passive stretching start from its effect to maintain and even increase muscle flexibility, and the range of joint movement. In addition, stretching helps maintain the physiological length of the muscle after intense physical activity thus preventing the occurrence of muscle contractures.

Passive stretches are those in which the muscle is stretched by the action of an external force. This tensile force is considered passive since it is not due to the activity of the antagonistic muscles.

Therefore, massage therapists with their instruments can passively, perform stretches by manipulating specific body segments. This way, the stretching is more precise and intense. In other words, more effective.

There are other mechanisms to perform passive stretching: direct manual action of the individual, indirect action of the individual placing the specific body segment to stretch in tension and swinging the rest of the body, or through the action of gravity, etc.

One of the main benefits of passive stretching is that during these exercises the body is in a state of relaxation due to the absence of muscle activation, making it easier to obtain results.

In addition, passive stretching allows you to increase the flexibility of the muscles without the need for sudden movements, thus decreasing the chances of any injury. The safety and effectiveness of this stretching method can be increased if the external force is applied by a qualified instructor; Likewise, several mechanical devices have been developed that provide a controlled amount of force to help the individual gradually and safely increase his range of motion.

It has also been shown that passive stretching is helpful after a demanding training session because it helps reduce muscle fatigue and contributes to the rehabilitation of muscles.

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