How a Dietitian Can Help With Weight Management

How a Dietitian Can Help With Weight Management

A Registered Dietician focuses on improving the integral health of people, considering the human being as a whole. The job of a dietician is to carefully analyze a person, their needs based on their body types and the right structure to achieve those goals.
In other words, a dietician aims to improve the quality of life and health through food, taking into account other aspects of life.

Dieticians don’t believe in following a diet only for a certain duration. Rather, they focus on eating in a completely natural and balanced way that will also help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Nutritional principles of a proper dietician

1. Do not go hungry
The volume and quality of the food are taken into account more than the calories of the food since 100 calories from a steak or salad are not the same as a cake or cookies.

2. Eat everything
No food or macronutrient groups are prohibited. Organic and natural foods are prioritized over processed ones, but not prohibited.

3. Exercise
It is well-known that regular physical exercise helps us maintain a healthy weight or lose weight. It also strengthens the muscles, the heart, and keeps us agile.

So how do dieticians help us?

Dieticians address overweight and obesity as an integral problem in which not only the physical problem is treated, but the emotional and psychological problems that may be leading to this weight gain.

The dietician helps us listen to our body and learn from it to know what feels good and makes us feel better is essential. In this way we learn to control bad habits, cravings, and compulsive intakes, thus avoiding overweight and the emotional and psychological problems associated with this condition.

A dietician can also help people know the benefits of whole foods and how to take advantage of them to improve their health.

It is vital to understand that the body needs a balance of macronutrients and micronutrients to reach maximum energy levels and maintain good emotional and physical health.

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