5 Benefits Of Reflexology

5 Benefits Of Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment that uses the areas/ points of the feet, hands, and ears that are connected to the nervous system and corresponding body parts. Applying pressure to these areas/ points stimulates the movement of energy to help restore balance throughout the body/ target healing in specific areas of the body.

Here are 5 of the best benefits that reflexology can offer you:


Reflexology opens neural pathways and floods the nervous system with neuron activity. This puts the body in an extremely relaxed state and induces a state of calm throughout the body and mind. This typically helps people who suffer from sleep disorders.

Brain Power

As previously stated, reflexology effectively opens neural pathways, increasing neurons and blood flow. These neurons and blood flows are faster and more effectively reach your brain, helping it clear brain fog and processes information faster, resulting in better cognitive and physical function and better memory.

Increased Blood Circulation

Manipulating the nervous system allows for improved blood flow throughout the body. This means that oxygen gets cycled and delivered throughout your body, improving your vital organ function, increasing metabolism, encourages faster healing, improves sleep, and decreases anxiety and stress levels.

Reducing Headaches

Reflexology is often used to reduce pain caused by severe migraines and headaches. This is done by targeting muscles that often result in these conditions. As previously mentioned, increased blood flow to the brain helps to reduce headaches.

Relieving Menstruation and Pregnancy Pain

Reflexology can be especially beneficial to women during pregnancy. It can help with labor lengths, postpartum recovery time, and avoiding/ coping with postpartum depression. Other than this, it can help reduce pains associated with menstruation due to its calming and tension relieving effects.

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