4 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

4 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

Massage therapy is often used to help heal a physical injury or reduce physical pain. Did you know that there are other ways that massage therapy can be beneficial? Massage therapy is in fact one of the best things that you can do for your mental health! Here are 4 ways massage therapy can help your mental health:

Relieve Stress

A Massage will soothe your nerves as well as your tired muscles. When the tension in our muscles is relieved, your body becomes relaxed, allowing your mind to follow through. As the body and mind are connected, the less physical stress you have, the less mental stress you will have.

Ease Depression

Relieving your bodily tension reduces anxiety and depression. Essentially, when your body feels good, your mind can feel better. Massage therapy in this way can be a very effective coping mechanism for people with depression.


Massage therapy raises your body’s serotonin levels, which helps you to have a more restful sleep. People who suffer from insomnia may find this specifically beneficial as this can also help reduce insomnia-induced anxiety levels.


Sometimes it is hard to dedicate time to yourself in your busy life. Downtime is incredibly important to maintain positive mental health, however. Massage therapy can give you the balance between your everyday life and your much needed “you-time”.

If you’re looking for positive coping mechanisms for mental health or to promote better mental health practices in your life, massage therapy is the thing for you! Visit Mindset First for Massage therapy with a Registered Massage Therapist today. Call 905.660.9284 to book an appointment today.

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